Philanthia Events

About Us

Philanthia is more than just a business for us. It includes 30 years of experience in flower arranging and event organization, while being a typical Greek family business, it recognizes and highlights institutions such as marriage and baptism, as well as the importance they have in starting a new family.

Our story
It all started 30 years ago in Skydra, when the parents of the Filandros family started one of the first rose production units in the Balkans, while gaining international distinction for the quality in exhibitions abroad. In 2008 the company expanded to Ioannina by opening a wholesale store, which quickly gained the largest market share in Epirus and the Ionian Islands.
In 2015, a family dream came true with the opening of a model flower boutique in the city of Skydra, Pella. The simplicity, the elegance and the trust of the people quickly made it known in the wider area but also in other cities of Greece.

Meet us!
Ria is the main organizer of the events. Her love for the job, as well as the fact that she grew up in a family that was engaged in decoration and flower arranging, played a very big role in her aesthetics and organization.
Since 2019 she is a graduate of the Department of Mathematics of the University of Ioannina, while in 2021 she completed her postgraduate studies at the Kapodistrian University of Athens. At the same time she has attended countless seminars on decoration and flower arranging.


Our goal is to make the design of your event an easy and enjoyable process. Our communication and understanding of your requirements is a key factor in the successful organization of any event.

– Philanthia Events